Lesson learned!

After the whole breast cancer diagnosis, I gradually understood that I didn’t need to teach /prove /demonstrate anything to anyone. Understanding and/or learning it myself had to be enough.  And it has.

This was a tough one, but the lesson learned with this glitch we call cancer is that this body is just the transportation that allows me to vibrate in a universe of energy, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to interact because… I’d be invisible.  Yes, the body I inhabit was diagnosed with breast cancer, but I wasn’t!  My spirit didn’t have cancer. I’m energy so I will never be sick, nor die.

Though I believe I brought this on myself, not intentionally of course, but out of the desire I had to prove that we can smile, love, be thankful and perform regardless of what’s happening to our body or surroundings.

Energy is what moves us. We can vibrate positively if we think we can… yes, we can all do it. All we have to do is feel it and believe it and, once we do, we quickly learn what the universe needs from us.

I gotta tell you I had some sort of an epiphany and can now say: Lesson learned! So I now know that I’ve to vibrate knowing I don’t need to prove anything and that both my actions and my words will be enough for some and accept that I can live focused on what moves my soul inside this transportation we call body.

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