The happy cancer news?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I knew I had to tell my employer but… just how do you tell your employer you’ve cancer??

Well, I found myself saying that I was sorry. Sorry for what?  I’ll never know, but that’s how it started.

–       I’m sorry I’ve to tell you this, but I’ve cancer.  But don’t worry – I said as I saw an OMG face –  I’m as strong as a bull and the doctor says I couldn’t be healthier… aside from this little glitch this body has, of course.  And I’m not planning on letting this get me down.  I’ve viking blood, for crying out loud!

He smiled, sat back and nearly laughed.

I mean, honestly, is this a happy moment? I know I couldn’t care less about cancer, but I thought everyone else did.  I thought everyone put that you-poor-little-thing face when breaking the news so this was amazing! I liked it!   The way I said it, he said, was a fun way of doing it.  Well, there… it’s not what you say, but how you say it.   Lesson learned.

So be it, I thought to myself, I’ll break happy cancer news to everyone involved from here on.  And I did.  I told everyone at the office with a smile on my face so there were no sad looking people around.  You see, I wasn’t sad, so why would anyone be?  But there was this one guy, a psychologist – which is probably why I dislike them so much-, who started telling everyone I was lying because I, somehow, needed the attention this was giving me.   Really?  I need attention, therefore I lie about having cancer??

What could be crazier!

So I let him. Who cares if anyone thinks I shaved my head, eyebrows and lashes just to get the attention I allegedly needed?  I, of course, also painted deep purple under my eyes to look the part, wore sneakers to not hurt my feet and did my nails with a dark blue or black to keep them from falling when they turned dark and brittle.

Yes, I put some hell of a show for this guy’s entertainment.

He quit after a while, when no one spoke to him for what he was saying. So much for Karma!!!


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