I want a tattoo!

And here's the pic!


I shared that thought on Facebook and uploaded a picture of how it would look. With flowers and a little bit of lace and nice spring faded colors.  And all but two said it looked amazing.

“Where’s the beauty?” one of those two asked… and I just had to reply!

  • “The beauty in this is that it hides mastectomy scars and one can look in the mirror and see flowers or lace or something that will make one smile. So it is beautiful and these two women (in the picture) had a double mastectomy and one can’t even tell. You would, god forbid, have to have had a bilateral mastectomy to understand where the beauty in this lies.”  – I wrote.

“You had a bilateral mastectomy????” along with the voice and face of astonishment is what I hear and see when someone finds out. And I usually get that from other women maybe because I go about life not caring about how I look to others. I really don’t care.  But I do care about how I look to me.

That said, I’m sure you’ll understand why thinking about getting a tattoo has nothing to do with others. It’s all about me.  My seeing flowers and lace when I’m getting ready in the morning will add to the smile I already have for being alive.

It’ll be for me… and my hubby, of course!


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