Multitasking? In your dreams!

Corporations make it a point when they’re hiring to see whether a candidate can multitask. And you even get to see it right there -in black and white- all over resumes.  Bragging about it as if it were the coolest thing on earth.  Well, I don’t think it is! I think it’s rude and I can’t stand it. It is frustrating and makes me want to kill everyone’s smartphone and the whole BYOD* trend!  To me, multitasking is and will always be impossible. It’s that simple and, what’s more, it is rocket science.

Of course, you see it trying to happen at all hours of each and every single day. However, the ones who make this a habit don’t seem to realize -or care about- how procrastinating it is.

You see, I’ve attended meetings where some seem to echo, repeating every word, while others are “multitasking”. And it is annoying to see how no one focuses on anything at all so everything takes forever and you get nowhere because productivity goes out the window and then you realize you only got to see a couple of things on the agenda… if you’re lucky.

You answer a question or comment on something and then you have to repeat it and the person you were talking to has even forgotten what the point was.

–       I’m sorry, what? I was doing something else. What did you say?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could answer something like “Never mind. You go ahead and focus on something else while you pretend to be paying attention here.”?  But you don’t.  You just repeat the entire thing like a parrot and feel stupid and sorry for those who happen to have been paying attention.

And the thing is… it happens all over the place! Be it a get together or a family reunion or a meeting, no one seems to really be there.  It’s like zombieland!.

Gosh, I do hope it is not just me who wonders what life would be like if we focused on the task at hand?

* BYOD = Bring your own device


3 thoughts on “Multitasking? In your dreams!

  1. tantoverde says:

    I AM the most multitasking person in the bloody universe – thanks to my boss. He appreciates and admires multitasking, that’s why every half an hour he needs to give me a new task and every hour asks “But did you finish?” (yes, he has horrible English, so he always use past simple here. “It is urgent!”). Since I am there I’ve never had not urgent task. So there is still somebody worse than “multitasking people”- “multitasking managers” 🙂


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