A needle in a haystack

Individuality is what makes us or breaks us… so the being normal idea is not one of my favorites.  However, I sometimes wish I were a needle in a haystack as my individuality is what sometimes gets on the way, especially at work.  The place where you don’t find many enjoying anything they do and when they see someone that does, it makes them wonder whether that person is crazy.  And that crazy person is me.

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Don’t just breathe, please

I find myself trying to convince those around me that enjoying and making each day matter in a positive way rather than mere breathing is the way to go.  My dad, for one, is an individual who gave up some 20 years ago.  A lifetime.  And there’s, apparently, nothing I can do or say to bring him out of the breathing mode he decided to be in. Though, looking back, I’m not sure he’s ever really enjoyed life.  Unlike his dad. Continue reading