In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Work? Optional!.”

If money were not an issue I would just up and leave. I’d grab my sweet golden retriever, Sophie, and go find the perfect beach front house to call home until the universe decides I had enough of this life.

Gosh, the thought of waking up every morning and enjoying a walk on the beach would be absolutely amazing to me. Especially the part about not having to worry about what clothes to wear or about what time it is.

I would spend the rest of my life barefoot… physically and emotionally.

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Let’s go barefoot!

No, I won’t cry to make you feel better!

My husband died. My sweetheart and friend left this world to go home and wait for me when my time comes. I know where he is and, spiritually, that makes me happy; however, my human side is sad. I miss him so very much.

We had fun together and traveled and enjoyed life. Yes, I miss him and I’m hurting but that does not mean that I will cry and be depressed to play the part I’m expected to play just to make people happy. See? I don’t know whether the word “happy” is the right one here. I don’t know… but something tells me it is because, from a stranger’s perspective, I’m not responding to the loss of my husband like I’m supposed to, I’m not normal!  Whatever that means… Continue reading