Choice, talent or gift?

The company I work for is undergoing some huge changes and some of the team members I work with are having a hard time accepting that they’ll soon be either joining another team… or unemployed; therefore, some of them decided that their job was no longer important thus overall performance plummeted from the moment the rumor started… let alone when the rumor was no longer one.

So I began sending emails to all of them hoping to be able to lift up their spirits as well as to remind them that they were still being paid for a job well done.  But they didn’t seem to get it and remained depressed or whatever it is you call someone who just gives a shit.

To me, it’s just a matter of focusing either on the bad or the good of whatever we are going through but it didn’t matter how many times I said it or how I said it, they were still depressed, ineffective and, to top it all, bad-mouthing management.  Which does no one any good and only makes things worse!

My boss asked me to record a video for them telling them a bit about my story –the terminal cancer one and how I cope- to try and see if they could give it their best for as long as they are part of the team and the company.  And I did.

In it, I started by saying that being positive is a choice and never a talent.  You see, I’m usually told that I can do things no one else can as if I were special or something which, to me, translates into an excuse to not even try.  Heck, I’ve even been called an alien as everyone who knows me seems to think I’m not human due to my anything-but-negative take on things as if I were the holder of the only key to positivism on this planet.

I thought my message was clear…  Well, I was wrong!  Now I’m in the middle of a debate in which I’m told that being positive is neither a choice nor a talent, but a gift!  And that I’m gifted in that sense.  Gosh, I was even given a dictionary-like definition of both words.  So either way, my message is somewhat lost as I’m still regarded as someone who’s not from this planet and is able to do things others can’t.

However, after all the fuss and back and fro arguments I still say that being positive is a choice.

Here’s the link to the video I recorded for them.  Tell me what you think!

Make a Choice

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