Animals have souls, yes they do!

All you have to do is look into their eyes.  Plus, most mythologies say animals have a soul.  Some say that they wait for you at the light, at the end of a tunnel or on a rainbow bridge.  I love that thought and I’d love to see my husband along with my sweet golden retrievers waiting for me.

I believe when Norse mythology says that animals are the windows into our world just like Odin’s ravens, Hugin y Munin, flying around and going back to tell him everything about what we say and what we do or don’t do. And I like that thought too.

A soul.  A spirit.  The essence of everything that inhabits this planet.  The energy that never dies.  That’s what every living creature has and exactly what remains after giving its last breath.

Once you cross over, it seems you know everything.  You understand everything and know when your loved ones are going to die; otherwise, why would you wait for them when their time comes?

I like that and I so hope that not only will my husband wait for me there, but also my beloved goldens wagging their tails and me finally understanding what their woofs mean.

All God's creatures have souls.

All God’s creatures have souls… just look into their eyes and you’ll see it.