Multitasking? In your dreams!

Corporations make it a point when they’re hiring to see whether a candidate can multitask. And you even get to see it right there -in black and white- all over resumes.  Bragging about it as if it were the coolest thing on earth.  Well, I don’t think it is! I think it’s rude and I can’t stand it. It is frustrating and makes me want to kill everyone’s smartphone and the whole BYOD* trend!  To me, multitasking is and will always be impossible. It’s that simple and, what’s more, it is rocket science. Continue reading

My dumb phone

My phone is not smart at all, in fact, it’s the dumbest thing on earth.  It doesn’t even have a camera!

You see, I don’t think I will ever understand those who prefer to look at a gadget instead of at the person whom they’re with. Which is why I like that sentence in that song from the Rolling Stones that says that if you can’t be with the one you love, you love the one you’re with.

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