No, I won’t cry to make you feel better!

My husband died. My sweetheart and friend left this world to go home and wait for me when my time comes. I know where he is and, spiritually, that makes me happy; however, my human side is sad. I miss him so very much.

We had fun together and traveled and enjoyed life. Yes, I miss him and I’m hurting but that does not mean that I will cry and be depressed to play the part I’m expected to play just to make people happy. See? I don’t know whether the word “happy” is the right one here. I don’t know… but something tells me it is because, from a stranger’s perspective, I’m not responding to the loss of my husband like I’m supposed to, I’m not normal!  Whatever that means… Continue reading


Time machine?… hell, yeah!

One-Way Street

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

That’s the daily prompt and at first I thought I wouldn’t want to go to either one… but then I realized that I could pick any date and that it didn’t necessarily have to be too far back into the past nor the future. Continue reading

Right is left and left is right

This Daily Prompt made me smile as I got to remember that I was once a first-time visitor in this not-so-small city in central Mexico.


One Sunday afternoon -maybe a couple of weeks after we had settled in- my husband and I wanted to enjoy some well deserved rest from the unpacking and the cleaning and all that moving implies so we decided to go downtown for some sightseeing.  Someone had told us that the cathedral was something we couldn’t miss and had pictured ourselves sitting on a bench enjoying the weather, the view and the people.

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A needle in a haystack

Individuality is what makes us or breaks us… so the being normal idea is not one of my favorites.  However, I sometimes wish I were a needle in a haystack as my individuality is what sometimes gets on the way, especially at work.  The place where you don’t find many enjoying anything they do and when they see someone that does, it makes them wonder whether that person is crazy.  And that crazy person is me.

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Don’t just breathe, please

I find myself trying to convince those around me that enjoying and making each day matter in a positive way rather than mere breathing is the way to go.  My dad, for one, is an individual who gave up some 20 years ago.  A lifetime.  And there’s, apparently, nothing I can do or say to bring him out of the breathing mode he decided to be in. Though, looking back, I’m not sure he’s ever really enjoyed life.  Unlike his dad. Continue reading

Multitasking? In your dreams!

Corporations make it a point when they’re hiring to see whether a candidate can multitask. And you even get to see it right there -in black and white- all over resumes.  Bragging about it as if it were the coolest thing on earth.  Well, I don’t think it is! I think it’s rude and I can’t stand it. It is frustrating and makes me want to kill everyone’s smartphone and the whole BYOD* trend!  To me, multitasking is and will always be impossible. It’s that simple and, what’s more, it is rocket science. Continue reading