It’s not a hairstyle, my hair is growing back!


Well, one of the things I did absolutely not like about chemo was losing my hair. All of it and all over the place, but the one that is there for everyone to see, face and head, was not fun losing at all. I felt looked like an alien and it didn’t matter how much everyone told me I looked good, I have eyes… I knew what I looked like. Odd, to say the least.

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Lesson learned!

After the whole breast cancer diagnosis, I gradually understood that I didn’t need to teach /prove /demonstrate anything to anyone. Understanding and/or learning it myself had to be enough.  And it has.

This was a tough one, but the lesson learned with this glitch we call cancer is that this body is just the transportation that allows me to vibrate in a universe of energy, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to interact because… I’d be invisible.  Yes, the body I inhabit was diagnosed with breast cancer, but I wasn’t!  My spirit didn’t have cancer. I’m energy so I will never be sick, nor die. Continue reading